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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thera Local Chat

Just a quick one. My good friends at Eve Scout have decided to provide another new service to the community and frankly this is too good not to share.

As you probably know, Eve Scout/Signal Cartel currently hunt down and publish the wormhole links to Thera. They are politically neutral and it is resource used by many across New Eden. This of course means traversing the expanse of New Eden can be a lot quicker, and Thera itself is quite a special place. I regard it as my second home.

In its own way, Thera local chat exemplifies this. Unlike wormhole chat in general which is typically silent (although I tend to ignore that tradition myself), Thera chat has its own scammers and rogues like any trade hub but there are also the occasional celebrities and power blocs passing through.

Anyway, you don't have to take my word for it now because Eve Scout have decided to put Thera Local Chat online. You can find it on their website here. A warning though, it will probably not be suitable for work. This is true especially now because Wingspan are up to no good in Thera currently. So check it out and give a donation to Eve Scout while you are there.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

In Other News

Eve. You know? The game? Yeah, I actually played some. Space ships and stuff. To recap, I have been looking for a wormhole for some time and sorting out my characters to support the operation. I thought I had found a wormhole that looked promising. It was C2 with a lowsec static, one abandoned POS and abandoned POCO's. Traffic was low and the last kill had been early in the month. My main had been parked there for ages. I am not sure why I was holding back but I had a gut feeling. 

It was more procrastinaion than a desire to do any research but I took another look at the killboard to try and counter the negative vibe I was getting. Looking back a number of years, I suddenly noticed a name that had cropped up three times. The odds of a player finding the same wormhole over a 5 year period and killing someone seemed a bit long. The player's most recent kill was for a different corp in nullsec so they were unlikely to be an ongoing threat. I was in full detective mode by now however. I decided to look up the corp the player had been a member of when they had been killing people in the wormhole. That was illuminating. It was only a small corp but one of the current members had killed someone quite recently and there had been a whole chain of kills by the corp for the hole I was in over many years. My conclusion was this was wormhole was contnuously parked with a hunter from a single player corp. 

Presumably he/she switched the alts when they were sufficiently trained and only played the wormhole character when not doing something else. Either way, I was not alone. A hunter had been in that wormhole for years and was still acive. I was in the pixel space equivilent of a lobster pot. Now knowing you are in a trap can be used to your advantage. But it is not as if things aren't complicated enough already. So I resisted the opportunity destroy my non PVP credibility by hunting the hunter. My search for a wormhole goes on. What I will say is this exactly why I enjoy travelling in wormholes. There is a history and a mystery to them all. The cost of finding that out can at times be expensive. 

I also had another quick stint on the SISI server last night. The probe map has changed again. The probe spheres are now a lot brighter. Not sure why that has changed as I didn't think that as a problem before. They definately give your retinas a sun tan now.

And in other, other news, my Eve Online laptop bag finally arrived! If you have been following, I bought it from Tiancity, CCP's partner for the Chinese instance of Eve Online. A combination of friends and relatives and relatives of friends have acted as couriers. The bag cost about 35 pounds but it is not cheap and nasty looking which was a primary worry. It is well made and nicely detailed with Eve logos both on the outside and on the lining inside. It is also a limited edition. Number 120 of 800 (I think). Why CCP can't do anything like this in the west is still beyond me. I know they are setting something up in the US but the goods on display and EveVegas looked pricey and a bit over-thought. An Eve selfie stick would work for me. And anyway, shipping costs from the US will probably make the proposition a bit too expensive for us yokels living in the uncivilised world

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Drifter Complexes Done the Serenity Way

I came across this awesome video on Reddit of all places and it was uploaded by guy called "copyliu" It is a documentary on how a group of pilots on the Chinese Serenity Server tackled and overcame the Drifter Complexes. It is in Mandarin but has English subtitles and also has graphic explaining their approach to the rooms in the Drifter sites. In short, they studied some of the approaches we have used on Tranquility and rejected them. Instead they theory crafted their own approach using Bantams as the focus. If Drifter complexes are your thing then you might be interested because they also use much smaller fleets than the ones I am aware of. It is not quite Rooks and Kings (can they ever be bettered?) but there is a strong flavour of that style of storytelling. Well worth a view and thank you copyliu for sharing.

Window Control + Buzzard Divorce

I confess defeat. I have been trying to learn to love the Buzzard. For the last month or so I have been using it trying to make the relationship work as I wander about New Eden. But yesterday I snapped out of denial and jumped back into an Astero. Reasons? Primarily, I couldn't get a fit that didn't involve off lining something. I am no theory crafter so maybe I was missing something. But If you don't have confidence in what you are flying then you aren't likely to use it to best advantage when you are facing a challenge. And yesterdays challenge was Parallax. Actually it was more than that. It was how I fundamentally interact with Eve.

A few posts ago I talked about the new launcher. I still think it is a great change, addition even, to the game. The downside was I somehow messed up all my settings (Overview, mod buttons, window placement etc). I haven't managed to fully restore everything in a way I was comfortable with. I am not particularly OCD about these things but some semblance of order is helpful when you need to react quickly in tight situations. So it needed to be resolved. And then there is the Parallax release.

On first looks, the Parallax release doesn't offer much to the way I play. But the new Probe Scanning interface is huge for me. The addition of assigning a hot key to DSCAN is also massive. DScan is the dead man's handle in wormholes. Fail to click it and can quickly find yourself becoming the victim of someone who did click it. Problem is, you can only click one thing at a time. It becomes a tough choice if you are in the middle of a hacking mini game. Not a problem now.

Probe Scanning has had a difficult transition with the 3D Map. While it hasn't been a case of going back to the drawing board, it has undergone a number of iterations since its first unusable incarnation. It now has a dedicated map window and the UI has been refreshed. Anyway, the plan was to head off to Thera and adjust my environment as I travelled.

So I undock and use the ingame browser to call up EveScout. Except I couldn't because I had lost my bookmarks. So I spent 30 mins putting putting new bookmarks back for things like Tripwire. The future of the in game browser is limited I understand. CCP hate maintaining it and there is always a security risk with it being ingame. It is understandable but it is had to imagine life without it on my laptop. Anyway, minimising the browser became a problem for me because I keep it as a bar at the top of the screen. But this now overlays where the scanning probe map automatically minimises to. Not a big deal, but it further limits my view of Space.

Anyway, such procrastination resulted in me entering the wrong wormhole. The Thera link had expired and I ended up in a C2. Going onto full paranoid alert when your screen is a mess is not good for your heart. Once I got a tactical safe I began scanning in earnest. My scanning skills were recently maxed to level V so finding things doesn't take long. The new scanning map takes some getting used to. I am sure this is due to the familiarity I had with the old system. If I put that to one side I think I will like the new interface over time. It is certainly responsive and you can filter out things that used to get in the way. There is probably another iteration needed  - the wormhole markers seem very dark for example, but it is really usable with the DAcan representation being a nice touch. It will help new players understand what DScan is actually doing (or not doing).

After scanning down the system, I found two juicy looking Relic sites. However, Tripwire indicated a some Russian on Russian action had happened ten minutes before I had entered the system. Paranoia kicked in and I assumed the victor had seen me enter and the sites were still being watched. So I left it at that. I will concentrate on the rest of the window arrangement in a quieter location. I need to train my fingers to hit DScan while doing the mini-game at the same time too.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Just Doing Stuff

Since the weekend, I have been pottering around space doing a bit of this and a bit of that. It does suprise me that some people say they get bored in Eve. I can understand when people might no longer like to play the game. Tastes change afterall. But assuming you have the desire to play then there is always something you can do. For me perhaps, there is too much to do and at times spread myself a bit thinly. So the last few days have been a time to think abut some housekeeping.

First off I had to feed the POS. It is currently the barebones small POS I set up the other day. It is experimental for now and I want to try some ideas out in the future. But for now I just want to understand the underlying cost and time required of owining one. So currently it is an ISK sink but as I have discovered a very bearable one. The local market's cost for a fuel block does seem on the high side however. So one experiment might be to establish the cost of making (again both in ISK and time) my own fuel blocks and to sell off any surplus.

Sort of related, I have also been giving some attention to Planetary Interaction. PI has always been a bit of a Cinderella activity of mine. It's not a great source of income in Hisec once POCO costs get lumped in but that could be resolved one way or another. So to explore the opportunities I have stepped up production to understand the processes and costs I need to factor in.

Another angle is research and manufacturing. I have a tonne of BPO's and BPC's to play will that I have somehow gathered. Full production will probably wait for now until my Orca pilot becomes a reality. So for now I have been researching blueprints to improve their time and material efficiency.

Just to restate, this is all an experiment to gain experience. Ultimately, I would want to re-site all of these activities somewhere more profitable. Most likely this would be a wormhole or lowsec. Nullsec is a shambles and the travel distances to market are dispiriting, especially with the static wormhole nerf which makes it a no brainer to avoid.

On top of this, I have sortied into a wormhole and successfully hacked a relic site in a more sparsely fit Astero. Its been  a while since I last did that. I still haven't fallen in love with the new map so have reverted back to the old one. As I am about a month away from having all my scanning skills at level 5 it was interesting to see the impact would have on a more lightly fitted Aster without boosts. To be honest I didn't notice a difference which I guess can be regarded as a success. While there I discovered an abandoned Navitas. I always wonder about the stories behind these abandoned ships. Anyway for now I am looking for suitable wormholes to play with and hack a bit of loot while there assuming I don't explode in the process. No chance of being bored anytime soon.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Update: New Structures and Wormholes Sounding Board

A quick update to the last post. The recording of the sounding board held by corbexx, CCP and a cosmopolitan bunch of wormholers can be played below:

It is long and a host of subjects were comprehensively covered. From what I heard there were not too many answers but there were plenty of clarifications. It was a very mature dialogue which is refreshing. If you want insight into what wormholers get up to and why wormholes are not like null this isn't a bad place to start.  I certainly learned a lot. Well done to those who got this organised and took part. Hopefully CCP are in a better position to reflect on some of the concerns raised.

Monday, 25 May 2015

New Structures and Wormholes Sounding Board

Just a quick heads up. For those of you who are in small gangs or are solo players and inhabit Wormholes you might want to pay attention to the Dev Blog by CCP Ytterbium. This is a big change and the impact on small groups in Wormhole space is not trivial. 

A key point to note (if I have understood this correctly) is that structures will have no longer have auto defenses. You have to man/woman the guns. Now you won't have to do this 24/7 but you will have to set a window - presumably in your prime time - when this activity should be done. In effect you will have to leave one person behind every day to do the job or be undefended.

Anyway, don't take it from me. Read the blog and form your own opinion. The reason I mention this is CSM X rep Corbexx is running a Sounding Board  at 18:00 Eve Time on Wednesday the 27th of May. CCP Nullarbor will be participating too.

So if you do have any concerns and you want them heard, contact Corbexx on the Eve Forum here to get the registration details.