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Friday, 2 October 2015

Back to the Routine

Lately, Eve has been a bit quiet for me. RL has been taking its toll but beginning to resolve itself, so I am looking forward to spending some more time with pixels. That doesn't mean I have been doing nothing. Skills are being trained. In that regard, I am getting close to the objectives I set myself a few months ago. For my main, that meant maxing out all the Scanning skills. This was to take the pressure off using implants and/or mods specialist hulls. I am still a couple of weeks away from achieving that aim, mainly because I took a skill detour. I was given a Buzzard to play with and trying to get a useful fit for it was troubling. Some attention was needed with my core skills so it made sense to invest some time on those as they will be useful elsewhere. Once all that is done I might start looking to train into the Prospect I also obtained. With a T2 Ice mining Venture coming out (announced at Evesterdam) at some point there are potential play possibilities that don't necessarily involve huffing gas, ice mining and so on. This is all aspirational and a long way off at this point. 

My second hauler come trader is finishing off some cloaky hauling Tengu skills. This was my plan interim B after many of the changes coming down the line seemed like they had undermined plan A. This would align it with my main trader that can also fly Blockade Runners, Tengus and Asteros. However, recent announcements have cleared up a lot of doubts along and with  CCP Seagull's announcement on release cadences means it means I can will now review this. There are many lines to I could take ranging from preparing for new structure construction to new structure operation in the future for example. I need to think about it. The other character I have in training is still learning to be an Orca pilot. Once that is near completion - it will take many months to make a decent one - I need to think about a webbing and/or cyno alt I guess to help things along. I have no idea how to do either of those things but they seem important from what others say, at least in terms of what I would like to achieve. Another voyage of clumsy discovery then. What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile in the game, I have unanchored my POS. I now know the basic costs and time needed to operate one and what buttons to press so it has served its immediate purpose. Once all the other bits of the jigsaw are ready, I will look at setting it up again in anger. While all that is happening I will resume my wormhole tour to see what I can find.

Trading wise, the cost of minerals have been too good to miss recently. I knew I was going to be away so I put in some speculative buy orders. Whether it is just cyclical, a mining supply deficit or a response to the proposed structure and capital changes is hard to know for certain. reprocessing cheap Ventures might become a thing for me again. But it might have already peaked. We shall see. Anyway, over the coming days I will be scooping up my purchases across the region and put them back on the market. While it might seem a bit low key and routine, I am rather looking forward to it. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Just Doing Stuff

Since the weekend, I have been pottering around space doing a bit of this and a bit of that. It does suprise me that some people say they get bored in Eve. I can understand when people might no longer like to play the game. Tastes change afterall. But assuming you have the desire to play then there is always something you can do. For me perhaps, there is too much to do and at times spread myself a bit thinly. So the last few days have been a time to think abut some housekeeping.

First off I had to feed the POS. It is currently the barebones small POS I set up the other day. It is experimental for now and I want to try some ideas out in the future. But for now I just want to understand the underlying cost and time required of owining one. So currently it is an ISK sink but as I have discovered a very bearable one. The local market's cost for a fuel block does seem on the high side however. So one experiment might be to establish the cost of making (again both in ISK and time) my own fuel blocks and to sell off any surplus.

Sort of related, I have also been giving some attention to Planetary Interaction. PI has always been a bit of a Cinderella activity of mine. It's not a great source of income in Hisec once POCO costs get lumped in but that could be resolved one way or another. So to explore the opportunities I have stepped up production to understand the processes and costs I need to factor in.

Another angle is research and manufacturing. I have a tonne of BPO's and BPC's to play will that I have somehow gathered. Full production will probably wait for now until my Orca pilot becomes a reality. So for now I have been researching blueprints to improve their time and material efficiency.

Just to restate, this is all an experiment to gain experience. Ultimately, I would want to re-site all of these activities somewhere more profitable. Most likely this would be a wormhole or lowsec. Nullsec is a shambles and the travel distances to market are dispiriting, especially with the static wormhole nerf which makes it a no brainer to avoid.

On top of this, I have sortied into a wormhole and successfully hacked a relic site in a more sparsely fit Astero. Its been  a while since I last did that. I still haven't fallen in love with the new map so have reverted back to the old one. As I am about a month away from having all my scanning skills at level 5 it was interesting to see the impact would have on a more lightly fitted Aster without boosts. To be honest I didn't notice a difference which I guess can be regarded as a success. While there I discovered an abandoned Navitas. I always wonder about the stories behind these abandoned ships. Anyway for now I am looking for suitable wormholes to play with and hack a bit of loot while there assuming I don't explode in the process. No chance of being bored anytime soon.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It's a POS - the movie (don't hold your breath)

Well I did say I recorded it in my last post. My second ever game video that documents my complete ineptitude at POS building (and making videos). I threw a quick soundtrack in for good measure. Anyway, enjoy.. or not :)

And the soundtrack can be found here:

Monday, 17 August 2015

It's a POS

A Drifter Incursion, this time repelled by the Amarr Navy, Structure Dev blogs a plenty from CCP (here and here), AT Competition, the Imperium trying to recapture the agenda through their media outlets, a wormhole sounding board that didn't involve copious amounts of salt and a riot in Jita that did (mined from Siberia presumably) because fighting a 20 million ISK Interceptor with a billion ISK PVE ship is hard apparently. A quiet weekend then!

For me the structure dev blogs are the most interesting and were my inspiration for the weekend. There is a lot to take in. From a filthy solo casual perspective, what I took away from it was there is still no auto defence. But the vulnerability to attack is small for a medium citadel. I would have preferred auto-defence and and a wider window but it works sort-of if you can put the banality of the magic wand to the back of your mind. In wormhole space, they are proposing you lose everything. I hope this is the case because that is what wormholes are all about and distinguishes them from known space. There is also a debate about what should drop. We will see where that leads. HiSec and Lowsec citadels will be more secure naturally. Null sec... well lets just not go there. So while I am not thrilled to bits over the changes, I can definitely see some interesting opportunities ahead.

Now my trader is back to pulling in the ISK after my laptop's unplanned sabbatical, it was time to commit. I decided to build a small POS tower in high sec. I have been keeping my eye on a location for some time now. It is reasonably quiet, close to a trade hub and lowsec but is also a good NPC system for manufacture. I have semi seriously been manufacturing on and off ages. Mainly, I just research blueprints but if the price is good I run off a few frigates for my traders to pitch. For now the objective is to be able to contrast the costs, time and maintenance between the two methods. So a test-bed. essentially.

That was the theory. Bearing in mind I know nothing about how to setup and use a POS, the half baked plan was grab some stuff from Jita, travel to the location, dump the tower in space and then figure it out. My Alt CEO prowler hauler from the corp I set up was up for the task. I had trained her in Anchoring so it didn't need multiple characters to get this done. The first problem was the Prowler hasn't got enough capacity for all the fuel blocks, certificates and stront. This is why I am training an Orca pilot but that is a couple of months off. It was going to take several trips to fill the POS's boots with fuel was the hard message. So I took basic rations and the Tower to the destination to start with.

I Dscan'd furiously on arrival to check to coast was clear and the moon hadn't been occupied. All good, so dumped the tower in space, anchored it, cloaked up and watched the light show as the tower took form. Then to on-line it. The interface was beyond me. This was solved by lots of random clicking and shovelling fuel into various orifices. More random clicking got the forcefield to start and the password set. But only 7 hours worth of fuel left in it. I videoed this with a view to putting it on YouTube at some point but not sure if I can bear you all looking at my clumsiness. 

Moving on... The eventual plan might be to produce my own fuel from the dormant PI operation I have. But today was not that day. Back to Jita then to pick up the fuel I had already bought except.... revolting Russians were busy hoofing the monument and causing monumental TIDI by various nefarious means. OK Plan B, go to the local trade hub and buy the fuel at a ridiculous price instead. I was getting tired and emotional by now so I changed my Prowler with a please gank me fit by fitting cargo extenders to increase capacity. I got away with it but I should really resit that temptation in the future. 

Anyway, the POS is now born and fully fed. It cost around 100 million ISK but next time it will be much cheaper. I've learned a lot but there are plenty more childish schoolboy errors ahead of me. I'm looking forward to the challenge.