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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Flotsam and Jetsam

It started as a light clean up of bits and pieces across the map. That was the idea anyway. I had splurged some ISK on some 'things' and my wallet was broadcasting for reps. It was time to top it up again by liquidating a few assets I have accumulated. You know, those really essential things I had to buy for a reason I cannot now remember. My Eve life seems to mirror my real life. I know exactly where everything is - or at least I do until Mrs Kong gets her mitts on them, but they aren't exactly in a reasonable place. "Where is the sun lotion?" "I left it in China darling" sort of thing. Now I have the Orca  it was time for it to earn its keep. In other words, scoop up my stuff and then flog it. 

Life in the Orca is slow compared with the other more nimbler things I fly. You get time to look at the scenery as you travel which is no bad thing. Eve is beautiful. You can have too much of a good thing though. Gawping at Caroline's Star for too long makes the tinfoil too strong to handle and  I convinced myself there is a letter-box in Caroline's Star now. No one else seems to share be delusion though so I guess I will have to live with my madness. Anyhow, here is a screenshot of my delusion:

Moving on... and then there are planets. They are also stunning, especially near a gate or a station but they tend to be the embarrassing relative we like to ignore in Eve. Apart from navigation, bombardment (yeah, quite), parking a POS (soon to be RIP) and planetary interaction (PI), you can safely ignore them. You can't hide behind them and there are no local effects for example. It's a bit of a shame in a way. And that is when I got diverted off plan. 

For reasons I thought were sensible at the time, I decided to move my PI colonies to a different location. I originally set them up ages ago and after a few months forgot about them. They were slightly profitable but the income was not sufficient to invest a lot of time in compared with some of the other things I was doing at the time. Now if and or when I set up a wormhole, PI would be a useful line as it is more profitable there and if organised properly should be a good passive income stream. Time to take PI seriously I decided. First problem. I had completely forgotten how to do it. After several youtubes and blogs later, I figured out how to open planet view. Progress Second problem. What to make. This is somewhat easier if you ever read Foo's Eve blog. He does the spreadsheets so you don't have to bless him. Third problem, choosing the right  planet with reasonable POCO tax is very time consuming. PI really is horrible So there went my weekend, and I have succeeded in scattering my worldly goods even further across New Eden. But at least I enjoyed the view and know where my new productive colonies are now residing. But that might not be entirely helpful.