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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

CSI Drifters : The case of the strange noises

The plan was to write something else completely. It still is but that will have to wait for another day. Instead, today's free time got hijacked by lore. A tweet by @Ashterothi, a noted lore hound, hinted at a mystery in one of his tweets. Hopefully he will publish the whole background story on Crossing Zebra's at some point. Now I don't pretend to know the details or their significance but from my perspective it was @anteovnuecci 's (another lore hound) discovery of some garbled audio files titled "Drifter Voices 1a-5a" that roused my interest. You can hear them  here along with some other files. 

I'm not sure if they are from SISI or a patch to Tranquility. I missed that bit unfortunately. My limited contribution was to try a clean them up a little to help the experts interpret them. They made no sense to me. The recordings had obviously been reversed and then had effects applied to them afterwards. I only had limited time so could only do a few basic things to try and clean up the sound with mixed success. Some words could be picked out and the accents were certainly more English than American. So whoever they are meant to be they must be the bad guys if Eve is following the Hollywood tradition.

Anyway, if you want to find out more, join the tweetfleet slack #lore channel and maybe help solve the mystery. It still astonishes me how much Eve you can end up playing without even logging in.

UPDATE: Ashterothi has now done a great write up on the discovery. Read it here and everything will make sense. Sort of.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ding Dong, the Empress is Dead

A big lore weekend. It all started with the planned handover of the new Amarr flagship. Prior to that of course, the Empress Jamyl had been prancing around her realm in her Avatar Titan. Alongside this, the Drifters have acquired a taste for kebabing Amarr Navy ships. Something was going to go down in Safizon on friday for certain.

The crowds arrived, The empress arrived, ambiguous speeches were made. So far so normal. Then enter Drifters stage left who then basically headshotted the Empress and promptly left as quickly as they had arrived. This video here from an FC perspective probably captures the moment best.

It was so quick I missed it. I logged on 20 minutes due to ill timed real life stuff. I had a jump clone in Safizon and there were 300 people in local. I thought people were trolling in local about her death. I didn't believe them until I left the station and saw this...

So the empress is toast and the succession is on. Brush up your Amarr flying skills if you want to take part. But is she really dead. A couple of people have used locator agents and have spotted Jamyl in Chaven. It might be that CCP forgot to biomass her perhaps, or is she really a capsuleer? If so she still won't be Empress, but her story arc might have more twists in it yet. I'll let the experts tinfoil on that. I'll leave you with the Scope video.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Titan in HiSec: Enter the Empress


From a lore perspective this is very interesting. Jamyl has been keeping a low profile lately. Rumours that she has been possessed by " the other" has not helped her reputation. The ship under construction is also interesting from a lore perspective I think. An Abaddon with a humongous  weapon caused some sort of catastrophe in the past. Then of course the Drifters are in this mix too, and Max Singularity... and so I dashed off down to the Amarr Navy’s Royal Shipyard in Safizon.

On arriving, Safizon had about 10 people in local with the same objective as me. Role Playing for the most part as Amarr Nobles, Usurpers and Corps A fleet was formed and orbited the station before heading of to Amarr (I think)

By the time the Empress arrived local had shot up to over 400 people. She arrived in an Avatar Titan with an escort. Speeches were made which were all suitably ambiguous. The drifters never came but at least I got to see a Titan finally and it was a nice change of pace. And then she was gone.

I'm one of the dots trailing the Imperial Titan

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Returning Home

As with most vacations that involve flight, there is always the anti climax and frustration that comes with waiting for the flight home. However, Santorini has been fantastic. I finally confessed my hidden agenda (Thera) once it was clear everyone else was having fun. Otherwise apart from the odd tweet, Eve Online was out of my mind. Finding a decent WIFI connection on this island is a task in itself and there is just too much to do. This mostly involved the consumption of food and getting sunburned if the complaints of my body are to be believed.

We went on the obligatory tours – Akrotiri is amazing. The Pompeii of the Aegean but much older. 3500 years old to be imprecise. Many questions remain about the site. Only 3 percent has been uncovered. The Linear A language has yet to be deciphered so the name of the site is not even known. But what is clear is this was no minor civilization. The architecture is significant.

We also went to the epicenter of the original explosion. The local claim is that it was of the magnitude of 40 nuclear bombs whatever that means. Lets just say it was big. The caldera is ample evidence of that and dust from Thera has been found as far away as Greenland, Iceland (naturally) and California. The epicenter is still active and there are a couple of domes where the magma has breached the surface. There is a third one out of site under the sea. It is the one the locals worry about because it is where all the recent earthquakes have emanated from. There are hot springs and the landscape looks more like Mars than Earth. The abiding impression I have is the staggering beauty that resulted from such complete and utter destruction.

Finally, you can't got to Santorini and not see the sunset at Oia. It is magnificent but also reveals the human condition. The world plus dog goes there to see it. We spoke more mandarin than Greek while there. But what is also apparent is that there is an awful lot of people who don't know that the sun travels from east to west during the course of the day. People would choose a site to watch the sunset based on where the sun currently was – not where it was going to be. Surprising, funny when watching people desperately scurrying to re-position themselves at the last minute, but fundamentally a bit sad that we have become so detached from our environment. The early inhabitants of Thera would certainly have been all too aware of their environment. In the ruins of Akrotiri, no bodies or gold was found. This was because they were knew what was coming and made an orderly evacuation.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Every Action has a Consequence

Every action has a consequence. It is a key tenet of Karma so a bit like Eve. Expanding on this, karma theory suggests a good act will result in a correspondingly good outcome. I did something bad and something correspondingly bad happened. On this empirical evidence I can now confidently state that Karma is real just like Eve.
You see I am going on vacation next week. What could be so bad about that? Well, the holiday destination decision making process in the Kong family is a tricky one. Competing cultures and expectations laced with an unclear definition of what a vacation should actually be makes it a fraught undertaking. It has to be somewhere hot but not hot. Quiet but lively, cheap but not tacky, and so on,  and so forth. Positions get polarized between somewhere you can relax and read a book to the number of photo opportunities per second. Tempers get frayed and lengthy negotiations then have to be undertaken in a manner that would have solved the Greek debt crisis years ago. Not good.
This year looked like it was going to be a repeat of the standard routine. Queen Kong opened the bidding. "Greece" she says provocatively. I play my hand. "Not the mainland. Too hot." Now Queen Kong doesn't like hot and she starts recalculating dates for more amenable weather. The clock is ticking and I have to act fast. "But the Greek islands are more bearable" "Erm... which one?" she asks. "How about Santorini?" I say innocently. The interweb is quizzed for pictures of Santorini and suitably rustic images are returned. The Queen declares herself satisfied and I make a hasty booking before minds are changed.
Now the lore hounds amongst you will know that there is more to Santorini than meets the eye. The ancient name for Santorini was Thera. It was the site of an enormous volcanic explosion.  It  is also linked as the possible site of Atlantis as well as the garden of Eden. More realistically it is a place that isn't so far from where the real Antikythera mechanism was discovered. Shamefully, I neglect to reveal the relationship to the Queen. However, when we wet to Rome she was not entirely impressed in how the kids and I had climbed the Pantheon in Assassins Creed. So the decision to keep quiet was based on previous form.
So it was looking like an excellent result for me. But then Karma had to kick in. In my haste to book the holiday, I choose one of those grubby little airlines that charge for luggage. They charge even more if you forget to specify the luggage at time of booking. I, of course, forgot to book the luggage required. Then they throw in a nasty website that doesn't work when you want to change something. Thus leaving you no option other than to hang on the telephone for nearly an hour before they consider your call is worth answering. They then charge a further ridiculous sum for not using the website. During this time the queen has ample opportunity to scold me for my carelessness. Time I had planned to be playing Eve. That's Karma for you.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Lore Ambulance Chaser

The plan was to give some love to my trader and not do any exploration. The market seems slow though so there wasn't as much to do as I thought. I relocated the hoard of blueprint copies I seem to have amassed to a central location. At some point I will do something with them even if it is only to sell them. With the chores done I decided to try a little project.
A poor man's/woman's Interceptor. Why would I want such a thing? Simple answer is my Interceptor skills are still a way off and core skill training is more of a priority. But I still want to be able to fizz around Hi and Low-Sec at high velocity. The Drifter attack in Yulai brought it home. I was many jumps away at the time so could have missed it. As it turned out, I was at work at the time so it was so academic problem. Still a problem to be solved though. I need a Lore ambulance chaser. So I bought a Vigil for 300k ISK, put some basic stuff on it and bolted on a cloak (the most expensive component at around 3 mill ISK). I put the cloak on because... well Drifters might not appreciate the rusty patina of the Vigil was my thinking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I am not sure if the Drifters behold much if the autopsy is to be believed.

Looking good. The Vigil that is. Eve Gate doesn't look bad either.

Of course I had to try it out, so set sail for the New Eden system to see the Eve Gate on a twenty jump journey through Hi and Low-Sec. The Vigil goes through space like a hot knife through butter so very pleased with the result. It got past a gate camp without incident but even if it explodes it is no big deal. So another crucial problem solved.