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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It's a POS - the movie (don't hold your breath)

Well I did say I recorded it in my last post. My second ever game video that documents my complete ineptitude at POS building (and making videos). I threw a quick soundtrack in for good measure. Anyway, enjoy.. or not :)

And the soundtrack can be found here:

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Little Steps

The problem with my plans are firstly, they are in my head. This means they only ever make sense within the confines of my skull. Secondly, they are more of a vision than real plan. The detail is always something that can be worked out later and consequently irritatingly vague to most sane observers. Explaining the master plan right now isn't going to help anyone. So I won't. But I will talk about a little step on the way. 

A few weeks back I embarked on a Interceptor training spree. I don't usually go into Null much. I prefer Wormholes. The Russian roulette aspect is more appealing than the relative safety of Null to an extent. But the travel time was also a factor. The Astero is an agile craft but bouncing around bubbles is a pain. Interceptors seemed to be an answer and you can just about equip them to scan and hack. Today was the day of the great launch and maiden flight of my new Ares. I'm not sure if the Ares will be the final racial hull I will settle on but I just happened to be trained up in that first. I made a flight from Hek to B-R5RB in homage to the hilarious roam that didn't get there I happened to participate in last week.  About 33 Jumps. It took me 20 minutes. You can see the flight below:

Its the first video I have ever recorded so i apologize about the quality. Objective achieved though. I will play with it over the next few days.  Other parts of my convoluted thinking will emerge as soon as I figure out how to make it human readable. 

Finally, big thanks to the guys over at Crossing Zebras for letting me loose on their site.