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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Every cloud...

I like to pretend I know what I am doing. That I have a plan and an objective. But sometimes I do wonder. The key thing I was planning on this weekend was to make some ISK. In an earlier post I described why and how I was going to do that. But then Eve happened. 

Flying my alt hauler/trader I was dipping into Lowsec from Hisec I got ganked by a gate camp. Lowsec has seemed more populated recently so perhaps I could have chosen my route with more care. But I would like to think it was them getting smarter rather than an error on my part. I've lost count of the number of gate camps I have cruised past in a blockade runner. For some reason, I wasn't able to cloak, I got instalocked and proceeded to die. PvP is a binary thing with a blockade runner. You slip past or you don't. The truth is actually I don't know why I failed this time but until there is a pattern I don't intend to put too much thought into it. I can improve the align time though so for you shipfitters out there I am now going to be running with this fit:

Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Damage Control II

50MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Medium Low Friction Nozzle Joints II
Medium Low Friction Nozzle Joints II

Feel free to laugh. According to EFT, this gives me an align time of about 3.3 seconds which is a slight improvement on what I had before plus has the option of the MWD Cloak trick if I come across a Null/Wormhole bubble. There are a lot less hit points with this fit but if you are in the position of relying on hitpoints you are likely already dead as I found out. The Damage Contol unit is there for any smartbomb damage which has happened to me a couple of times in the past. There is scope to add a core probe scanner or festival launcher as appropriate.

All of this however is minor detail and inconvenience. The big picture was I was supposed to be making ISK and now I was down one blockade runner. Fortunately, I hadn't been entirely stupid and had unloaded the cargo before going to Lowsec but it still wasn't an auspicious start. 

So I need to buy a BR and originally aim to go to Jita to buy one thinking it would be the cheapest. It isn't. Not by a long way. But Amarr is. Too cheap infact. Someone is dumping them it seems. I need to get there fast. I really don't why but I decide too look at local Leopard prices because I heard they were fast somewhere. They are cheap too compared to Jita. I buy one. So now I am down some more ISK and still don't have a blockade runner. 

The journey to Amarr was quick and uneventful and I buy a lot of Prowlers. Mainly because they are cheap but I also need to have more in hand if I get ganked again. I then contracted Red Frog to carry them to Jita for 17million ISK (more expense!) and flew to Jita in the Leopard. I am beginning to think this could all go horribly wrong at this point so while waiting for the cargo to be delivered, I reluctantly sell the Leopard for a very good profit. The Prowlers duly arrive and I sell 4 of them in quick succession making a profit of nearly 50 million on each sale - basically the cost of 2 Prowlers I continued to sell more for a few hours and I ended up well ahead of where I planned to be.

All good things come to an end  and eventually, other traders caught on and the price dived. Having made the profit I needed I helped the price crash. It would be rude not to, So all in all a strange weekend, I got the right result I needed but it is hard to be smug because I couldn't have imagined I would have achieved it the way that I did. 

Friday, 4 December 2015

Testing of Solace

For those of you using the new launcher, you may have noticed a new server on the list of test servers - Solace. Solace is or will be a major hardware upgrade for Eve Online. If you want any proof that Eve isn't being left to wither on the vine then look no further than this investment CCP is making. 

Full details, and only CCP would provide such details to its player base can be found here and here. Anyway, tonight (Friday) CCP announced a mass test of the hardware that is currently located in Iceland. As I write there are 900+ logged on the server and for good reason. It isn't like a normal mass test. You don't even have to have a live subbed account to take part. So what is the big deal.

When you log on, take a look at your character. The first thing you will notice are your skill points.

Yes they are maxed out. Every skill is trained to level V. There is nothing you cannot fly. Suddenly I feel a little underdressed in my little Astero. Fortunately, there is a dev hack that allows you to teleport to a few key systems in New Eden which was just as well because I was mired in a wormhole. One click of the link and I find myself outside Jita 4-4. But not the Jita 4-4 we all know and love. More like a post apocalyptic version of Jita. A Jita that looked like this:

Yes that is a lot of dead Titans. It was carnage. There was only one thing to do. Buy myself a Titan and join in. In Solace world, an Avatar costs 999999 ISK. The festival launchers, snowballs and fireworks cost more than the ship. I like this world.

So shipped and armed, I set forth:

It was a blast although the size of the ships made the snowballs and fireworks look inconsequential with doomsdays blasting right, left and centre. Bigger fireworks and snowballs needed CCP. I travelled back to Thera after a bit before finally being melted back in Jita. 

So I have flown a Titan. But the truth is it is slow and ponderous. If you added TIDI onto the mix it would be a frustrating experience. Flying a Titan was an ambition of sorts but I actually prefer the Astero. At least I now know and I enjoyed the experience of being a kid in a candy store. 

I understand CCP will be running another test like this when they move the hardware to London. For more details see this dev post

Monday, 13 July 2015

Playing with Fireworks

The perfect treatment for all the soul searching and hand wringing about the direction of Eve (mea culpa) is to just play the bloody game. So a big thanks to my good friends in Signal Cartel for inviting me on their 500th member celebration Hugs fleet. The 30+ Griffin blob is sight to behold with a couple of rookie ships for those new players without the skills. A hugs fleet for those who don't know is the credo friendly doctrine wardec griffin fit. DPS is zero. However, ECM, Fireworks and Snowball delivery is off the scale. The ships were provided by SC. The roam started and finished with a treasure hunt with all sorts of goodies to be found. I resisted the challenge thinking it would be a bit mean to deprive some newbro signallers of SOE probe launcher, despite being in close proximity to a container (note to self: must change that 'safe' bookmark).

Anyway, we moved on to our first destination. A smartbomb took a chunk out of me on one gate but a quick repair and we headed off to null. The scouts doing a robust job ahead of us meant it was a relaxed journey with the added novelty of heading in the right direction this time. We arrived with fanfare and docked up at PFR's Freeport so thanks to those guys for being so accommodating. New bros were taught how to use jump clones at this point. With the lesson over, the PFR TCU was then deluged with snowballs and fireworks. It was about then my name got called in the prize draw. A Prospect! Now that ship has never been in my calculations but now I have got one.... 

PFR gets a good hugging

So time to leave PFR space. Now at this point my journey came to an abrupt halt as I landed in a bubble and got instantly alpha'd. I regard this as progress. Last time I was in a Griffin I erm... mislaid it. To this day I don't know what happened to it. Part of the problem this time I think was I imagined I was still in my Ares. But a Griffin is no Ares. It was a good way to explode however and I was not alone as a terrible toll was taken which included the FC. Nevertheless, the guy who stepped up to take the remaining fleet of Griffins and Pods to the final destination did an excellent job. And what a reward it was for those who made it. I am not sure how discreet I should be about this so will stay on the safe side of OpSec. 

The the final destination was a POS and inside it was an "OMG it's a Titan moment". Except of course these are explorers so less prone to outbursts describing the bleedin' obvious. Clearly they were shocked because they kept bumping into it. Deep thanks again to the guy in PL (you know who you are!) for arranging this, for providing replacement ships and bridging the bewildered newbros back home safely. Shame I missed it!

I woke up in Amarr, hastily bought and fitted an Ares and dashed by the shortest route to the arrival point in HighSec just as the stragglers arrived. A fantastic and memorable roam. Well done to JohnnySplunk, Mynxee and all the others (including the scouts) for putting together such an awesome event and congratulations on reaching the 500 member mark. That, when all is said and done, is what Eve is really all about.

P.S. Check out the next Neocom podcast ;) 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Returning Home

As with most vacations that involve flight, there is always the anti climax and frustration that comes with waiting for the flight home. However, Santorini has been fantastic. I finally confessed my hidden agenda (Thera) once it was clear everyone else was having fun. Otherwise apart from the odd tweet, Eve Online was out of my mind. Finding a decent WIFI connection on this island is a task in itself and there is just too much to do. This mostly involved the consumption of food and getting sunburned if the complaints of my body are to be believed.

We went on the obligatory tours – Akrotiri is amazing. The Pompeii of the Aegean but much older. 3500 years old to be imprecise. Many questions remain about the site. Only 3 percent has been uncovered. The Linear A language has yet to be deciphered so the name of the site is not even known. But what is clear is this was no minor civilization. The architecture is significant.

We also went to the epicenter of the original explosion. The local claim is that it was of the magnitude of 40 nuclear bombs whatever that means. Lets just say it was big. The caldera is ample evidence of that and dust from Thera has been found as far away as Greenland, Iceland (naturally) and California. The epicenter is still active and there are a couple of domes where the magma has breached the surface. There is a third one out of site under the sea. It is the one the locals worry about because it is where all the recent earthquakes have emanated from. There are hot springs and the landscape looks more like Mars than Earth. The abiding impression I have is the staggering beauty that resulted from such complete and utter destruction.

Finally, you can't got to Santorini and not see the sunset at Oia. It is magnificent but also reveals the human condition. The world plus dog goes there to see it. We spoke more mandarin than Greek while there. But what is also apparent is that there is an awful lot of people who don't know that the sun travels from east to west during the course of the day. People would choose a site to watch the sunset based on where the sun currently was – not where it was going to be. Surprising, funny when watching people desperately scurrying to re-position themselves at the last minute, but fundamentally a bit sad that we have become so detached from our environment. The early inhabitants of Thera would certainly have been all too aware of their environment. In the ruins of Akrotiri, no bodies or gold was found. This was because they were knew what was coming and made an orderly evacuation.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

It's the journey, not the destination that counts...

The London bus is a rare beast. It travels in herds. So you can wait hours for one and then find several turn up at once. My killboard is much the same . Two years without dying and then a couple of explosions in a row. This one was interesting. Most people try and save their pods once the ship is doomed. I, however, lost my pod but have no idea what happened to my ship. 

Let's rewind. Signal Cartel have cause to celebrate. They now have gained over 300 members since January. You can hear more about that here on the Neocom. That is no small achievement with the current newbro friendly fest that is going on in Eve right now because there is plenty of competition. Anyway, as part of that celebration a roam come treasure hunt was organised. They graciously allowed me as an interloper to participate. As with any party it is always a problem to know what to wear. A Griffin was the safe option. But then the Corax with its astonishing firework delivery rate would be good but perhaps a little vulgar. Then my brand new Ares But that would be like going in fancy dress to a dinner party. So I took the dust covers off the Griffin.

It took me an age to get to Thera. This was because for some reason I went to Jita instead of Hulm for the WH. I could hear the finger tapping coming from Thera when I admitted my mistake. Navigation is not my strong point. But at least there was an Easter Egg hunt arranged in Thera to keep the restless fleet occupied. Finally I join the fleet.

And what a fleet it was. There were nearly 30 people in it. It was the largest fleet I have been in and the FC did a great job in shepherding us along as well as streaming on Twitch. My Griffin did not look overdressed so I settled in and kept my head down. The objective was to go through Null Sec to see the B-R5RB system and take pictures of the Titanomachy monument.

So off we went. At first we cruised along with prizes being given at every gate. I won a Buzzard but there was a Nestor on offer to some lucky soul. Hugs were delivered in local comms to the bemused residents as was the link to the Signal Cartel theme. It  got an additional 30 plays and 2 downloads during the course of the journey.

Then things started getting complicated as we got deeper into Goon space. Sadly the Goons didn't exhibit a great ability to conceptualize and just wanted to shoot and blackmail us instead which was all rather dull. Generally, we outpaced them or just jammed them on the gate but they managed to pick a foew of us off on what was now feeling like the Long March with a bit of Benny Hill mixed in. Our scout heroically took one for the team.

By the time we got to the penultimate system we were a bit thinner and had a few just in their pods. I was still unscratched at this point. But the posse chasing use had grown and got more organised with bubbles sprouting around gates. We made a mad dash to the target and made it.

It was possibly at this point that collective hysteria set in. It was sort of like when you drink a cup of tea when you were expecting a cup of coffee. You know something isn't quite right but you plough on drinking it regardless. This point for us was the Titanomachy looking rather small and diminished and with rats hovering over it. "Rats don't shoot pods" says someone. So we park our ships safely and abandon them and go to at the Titanomachy. Finally, someone gets the courage  to say the emperor has no clothes. 

We are in the wrong system. We were in B-588R not  B-R5RB. My heart goes out to the FC but it was funny. Really funny. I was was crying. This probably explains why I couldn't reunite with my poor abandoned Griffin and its hold full of fireworks. It was gone. On the frantic dash home my pod got caught in a gate bubble. But a few others made it home. It was a fantastic event so well done for those organizing it. Can't wait for the 600 member celebration!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


I wake up in Cistuvaert. Heart is still pumping. But it was not a dream. In fact it had been a strange evening all round. For starters I had finally enticed a friend to play Eve. "Ask me anything!" I said. So he did. Now I am really not the right person to mentor an Eve newbie. I have a take on the game that comes from years of playing it wrong. But I was up for it. I told him all the right things about not flying expensive stuff. Get the right skills and so on. I pointed him at Eve Uni and Signal Cartel as he wants to explore. I come out of this whole interaction feeling wise and sagely.  I seem to have acquired some Eve knowledge that people want to know. How did that happen?

So feeling smug, I resume my wormhole tour. I cleared a couple of sites before zooming off to the next WH but.... I had left my Hornet EC-300 Drones behind. No bookmark either so they were gone. "Never mind" thinks I. "I have spares in the hold so I'll pop out to High Sec and slot them in. But I will just do this wormhole first". You know where this is going. But the smug factor had taken control of my senses. I find a relic site and put out my Hobgoblin 2's. Two cans later and I am already starting the third. A Stratios and then a Hound appear. Rut roh. Targeting begins, I am being scrammed by the Hound (I think) so can't run. My drones take up the fight as I start taking hits. I hit my ECM Burst. The Astero seems to hold on for a while but then the cap runs dry. Or was it something else. Whatever it was it went quickly downhill from there. Boom.

But here's the thing. It has been over two years since I last died. So on waking up in Cistuvaert I felt a profound sense of relief, once my heartbeat returned to normal that is.  Finally the wait was over. An added bonus was my executioner was a sound guy. He was generous in praising my performance but in truth I hadn't a clue what I was doing. He recommended I use EC 300 Drones. I agreed. I also pointed out that he now had them :/

So kudos to Kerra CrackPot and the Lolly Pop Gang. Good fight and thanks for teaching a noob a lesson. 

Smug - EC 300 Drones = Dead Astero