Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Farmer needs an Alt

After spending months opening a new account building a wormhole viable Orca pilot I caught myself cancelling the subscription. This isn't quite as dramatic as it sounds and that certainly isn't the intent. In truth the sub doesn't expire until the beginning of August. It is however one consequence of the confounding of Luobote by CCP and their pesky citadel menace. I just don't need the Orca, the cyno alts or the rest of the menagerie required to set up a wormhole operation now. Luobote will work out the rest of his days in Garoun Investment Bank and maybe one day subvert it into a worker's cooperative. He will make an occasional outing I am sure.

However, what to do with the Orca account until August? Despite my lack of enthusiasm about SP trading, for better or worse it is now a major part of the game. It would be dumb not to take advantage of CCP's gift. So while I won't be doing too  much with the Orca pilot, the fact that he does now have 9 million SP means there are other options.  The account also has two unused character slots. I can't quite bring myself to drain the Orca pilots brain just yet so I have set up one of the other characters as an SP farm instead By August it should be clear whether this is as profitable as it appears to be. Setting up the character was fun. I went with the zombie look because after his maiden flight to Jita he is never going to have to do anything again other than just exist and be occasionally milked.

He doesn't say very much so only expect to hear a few grunts on social media.  Alongside of this, I had been taking a more ISK liquid position with my traders because of the other upcoming changes. So I used some of that cash to buy some plex, converted it to Aurum and bought some extractors while they are on offer pretty much as Gevlon described. Once the zombie has accrued enough SP I will start sucking SP and we'll see whether it is sustainable and self Plexing.

To speed the process along I have remapped the zombie to favour two attributes and focussed training skills that use those attributes. The choice of the skills was based on the implants I already had in stock and these give a further boost. 

So now I just sit and wait. In a way it is sad that this approach (if viable) is more rational than fighting alone against the odds in a wormhole but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately depending on you perspective) I don't make the rules. CCP does. (And the CSM if you choose to be fooled by the hype that is.)


  1. Amusing and informative post. As a soloish player less troubled by skill point training than you, I still found myself struggling to determine just how I would partake. In the end I didn’t build a zombie character to endure the extractions as I was able to convince one of my already existing characters to undergo the mind scalpel. That said, an important bulk of my characters reacted with an indignant “What the hell is the matter with you!?” when I approached them about the option.

    I am, of course, being facetious but it does capture the very same feeling you display being unwilling to drain your Orca alt. If nothing else, it reveals that skill point trading significantly alters how many of us see/interact with our characters. The hint of malevolence underlying the endeavor feels appropriately Eveish to me.

  2. I have 2 industrial ALT accounts that have reached the point where they really don't need any more skills to do their jobs. I could train level 5 science skills to improve my invention chance by 1% or I can harvest the skillpoints and sell injectors. In my case these accounts are already profitable - each has 3 characters fully trained for PI,manufacturing and research/invention and I won't be removing any skills but I can't think of anything I could use the skill queues for that would generate more income with less effort than skillpoint farming!

    1. I am in the same situation with my other account. Luobote can make make profit through exploration. My traders can double up on hauling PI and Industry etc and are both profitable in their own right. So it may be in the future one of them becomes a skill donator too just because of the ease of effort.