Saturday, 5 March 2016

Updated: More Serenity Merchandise..with a twist

Merchandise and Eve are not two words you are likely to see together. Getting a merchandising deal together has so far proved to be beyond the wit of CCP. We were promised something at Eve Vegas which wasn't very overwhelming but that seems so have fallen through. We were then told the New Year would herald a new beginning and now presumably we are into fanfest territory for any sort of announcement. So maybe by Eve Vegas this year you might be able to buy a Amarr keyring. But then again, maybe not. 

Meanwhile in China, Eve's partners Tiancity don't mess about and you can actually buy official merchandise there. I bought a Laptop Backpack late last year for example. In fact, their whole approach to marketing has been innovative. Now the Chinese New Year is finally over a new promotion has just been announced. This one like the last one is a something that the CCP Iceland crew fully know about if only because it needed Dev time. I'll come to that bit later, but first let's look at the latest product that is being offered.

First thing to say it that "Terrans Force" is a brand name of a Taiwanese Laptop manufacturer well known in Asia - sort of an Alienware tribute band but probably more powerful and cheaper. They are sponsoring and selling this Eve product. But what is it?

Its a limited edition commemorative stamp album. Actually a bit more than stamps..metal stamps

and 3D postcards

and envelopes

and there are some medals too.

Clearly a lot of work has gone into creating this. It costs about $90 or £60. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. I mentioned the Iceland dev link. Well in some way this promotion appears to be  integrated into Eve Online itself. I am indebted to @darkblad for pointing out an asset he found on Schildwall Playground. What he found was this:

The rough translation I could do isn't that reliable, but talks about "Terrans force(future humanity) have been given official rights", and then "momentoes for future humans", that "witnesses every captain's emotional journey through the infinite universe filled with stars" and "There's never been a memento like this before and it's of great value to collectors" The button in German says "Show Market Details". I had a look on SISI last night but could see this but there have been several builds since this first appeared so it may have been removed now that it is on Serenity.

So this poses an interesting tinfoil question. Is it or will it be possible to buy a virtual object in the game market that can then somehow be turned into a real and tangible object - like a medal lets say - that then gets sent to you for you collection? Possibly they are dual promotions and have no hard connection whatsoever. Either way, the Eve players in China are continuing to get a much better set of goodies than we are.

Darkblad has kindly provided more information about this and the skins I talked about in SP Serenity gifts in comments resulting from his probing. Top guy! 


  1. "Is it or will it be possible to buy a virtual object in the game market that can then somehow be turned into a real and tangible object - like a medal lets say - that then gets sent to you for you collection? "

    That's sort of how PLEX works... but you don't get to keep the PLEX after it's value is redeemed. CCP could easily arrange an item similar to PLEX that can be traded on the markets, redeemable for a real world item, then they could replace it with a "punched card" commemorative version of the item, which could not be redeemed again.

    I think we will hear something about merchandising during fanfest... some attendees will surely ask.

  2. Hey there!

    I updated the Post on Schildwall Playground where I show a screenshot of the Terrans Force Commodity.
    If you click the link labeled with 41035 from within the client (on Sisi), yu''ll get the showinfo window of that item.
    However, it still has no actual icon.
    The translation of the item name and description in my post is taken from a slack chat, as my own (google) translation did'nt satisfy me that much.

    Something else:
    The ship SKINs in your post about the Serenity SP gifts, including the embedded video are available for preview on Tranquility and Sisi as well.
    Visit this page from within the client's IGB and click on a SKIN Name.
    Yu can Filter for "Nova" to display only those shown in the video. "IGC" (only on Sisi) will also reveal an (upcoming?) SKIN.
    And then there's the missing Tronhadar and Sceabeast SKINs that should be on TQ but still are'nt.

    1. Many thanks for this. Schildwall Playground is a fantastic resource and I really appreciate the work done there.