Monday, 21 March 2016

A bit of this and that

In theory, it was going to be a very busy weekend. Busy in real life that is, so I hadn't planned on doing anything much in Eve. But like stacked dominoes, one by one the really important things I was just had to do somehow melted away. Not all at once however, which meant there was always the threat of having to do something useful hanging over me like Damocles sword. So in the end I got to play quite a bit of Eve but with the threat of having to drop it at any moment I ended up doing a lot of bits and pieces.

Let's start with Luobote. I have barely done anything with him over the last month or so. You might remember he was looking for a wormhole to live in. I thought I had found one until it became clear there was a sleeping predator there who had been in the same hole for years. After that I docked him up and with the changes to the game coming up, I am not sure what I will be doing next with him now. That said, he did reach a bit of a milestone and he can now fly a ninja Prospect and huff gas. Whether he will actually ever do that remains to be seen. I have stopped his training for now and will take a view after whatever Fanfest.

Where I have been active is with my old main. She has more SP than Luobote. After a complex journey, she ended up being my main trader and hauler. However she has half trained quite a lot of other things too. Again because of the forthcoming game changes I had decided to sell of my stock and take a more ISK liquid position. I have kept going with PI though because demand is good presumably due to budding citadel builders stocking up. So a sizable proportion of the weekend was shuttling loads of PI about.

However, that still left me with my spare time, so I decided to try out the Gurista Hunt event. My alt used to do HiSec missions originally in a Caracal. I've always like the Klingon look of the Caracal (or is it Romulan?). Because of this my alt has decent missile skills and shield tanking. I wondered if the Caracal's big cousin, the Cerberus, would be suitable. I was aware that JonnyPew had used a Cerberus for Hisec Combat sites in the past and checking his YouTube sight it turns out a Cerberus does just fine. I've no idea what his fit is but the one I used had no bling in it and used assault missiles.

The event itself was rather disappointing. The last time I shot an NPC was when they were red crosses. That seems the only real change. NPC's sit there pretty much a wait for you kill them. Spawn again and again. Move down an acceleration gate, rinse and repeat with the volume slightly turned up. Kill the boss but don't get a damsel in distress this time. Actually, in hisec all you get is a Bantam Skin (why?), some Gurista clothes, quafe Zero, some Gurista Ammo and a "compact TEBS". The prices of all but the latter have collapsed since the world+dog all have them now. I got seven "compact TEBS" before it got monotonous. Quite what they are for I have no idea.  It should have been eight but early on a Stratios nipped in and snaffled a container after I finished a site which was entertaining. I was pleased with how the Cerberus stood up although most people seemed to be using Gila's. While I don't regret having a go at the event, I am not sure I will use the Cerberus again. I  have enough damsels already.

To wrap things up I started a couple invention runs and collected about 6 months worth of farmed data cores I forgotten about. So on reflection, it looked like a well organised weekend in Eve but it was far from that.

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