Tuesday, 16 February 2016

No Meta in this Madness

Timing is, as the cliché goes, everything. If you are going to release targeted and potentially juicy private conversations, make sure it happens at the point of maximum embarrassment to the victim. And thus we have a new CSM leak occurring during the CSM Summit in Iceland. Well played! 

Or is it? Timing is everything. The leak was timed to occur after the first day of the summit. The first day of the summit covered Capitals. So a wild deduction here. Someone thought lets find out about the capital changes first before we throw in the hand grenade. An indication of the leaker(s) self interest perhaps? Perhaps not. Either way, there is no denying the leak is salacious stuff, but the manner of its exposure has more in common with a fellow student telling tales to teacher rather than any high thinking trade-craft.

Then we have the scale of the leak. It wasn't just one. It was a waterfall to the point of overkill. Whoever was doing it doesn't have high expertise in the dark art of character assassination. That doesn't mean it won't be effective. The person involved has questions to answer. But the ham fisted shrapnel blast of pastebin detritus also gives the person grounds for sympathy. Not only is the leaker(s) attempting to hang the person but they want to draw and quarter them as well. It comes across as a vendetta which may perhaps cloud the purpose of the leak. Fundamentally, this is an act of spite, not a high thinking tactical play. A lot of good intel was burnt necessarily. 

And that takes us to the content itself. It wouldn't be the hardest thing to deduce most of the parties involved in the leaked comms. With a bit of effort you can probably figure out the source (not necessarily the same person(s) as the leaker(s)). In order to get at one person, the culprits have introduced is a lot a messy collateral damage that will probably be counter productive in the end. This is amateur stuff and some bridges have been unnecessarily burnt.

Quite how the CSM summit or the CSM itself goes forward from this is anyone's guess. Awkward. Ultimately, however CCP choose to deal with it, it will be a far more intelligent approach than simply behaving like sulking and spiteful juvenile students. Besides, if my experience at school taught me anything, beyond pyrrhic victories, the teachers could always out meta the delinquent students in the end.

Declaration of interest

  1. As an occasional writer on Crossing Zebras, I work with the particular CSM member involved. However,
  2. It is no secret I am no supporter of the CSM institution. Yes, there are good people who work on the CSM. However, this event underlines precisely why the circus should be closed down.


  1. Personally, I think releasing it in bites was more effective than a single, large dump. Whoever released it, using twitter, was able to draw attention to key areas of eat blurb rather than just dump it.

    The players have their drama, but it's now in CCP's hands, which will be the ultimate arbiter of whether it is actionable. As with real-world politics, I doubt that Gorski's supports will find enough evidence to not vote for him. Whether he is allowed to runis another story altogether and that decision is CCP's. Welcome to the party CCP_Guard and CCP_Logibro.

    1. I think we sort of agree on the release strategy - but if I were in that game I would have done it over a longer timeframe as a lot of tabloids do.

      And yes, Leelo and Falcon must be counting their blessings :)